Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I was sitting at my desk earlier and thinking of the small things that God has blessed me with. I was amazed at the fact that the little that I do have is a lot to someone else. Immediately I praise God for His works. He deserves praise at all times. 1 John 5:4 (New Living Translation) says, For every child of God defeats this evil world, and we achieve this victory through our faith.
We graduated a training class today and I looked at each of them and it makes my heart full because even though I did not teach them a thing they were telling me thank you. One lady even said that my presence and spirit made it worthwhile. That's one thing that we have to realize...attitude can and WILL make or break you. I saw these people walk into this class as strangers just 2 short months ago and they walked out today as family. They spent the earlier part of the morning exchanging phone numbers and addresses so they could keep in touch. Then they sat down and ate together, but I was pleased because before they ate they prayed. That you don't see a lot of anymore. That leads me to say this....if they can meet up and pull together and become a "family" then why can't our real family members pull together and become a family. That is something I pray for and it drains me to think of the idea of my family going back and forth with one another. I pray that they realize that they only have each other and should move pass the past and love and support one another. We can't dwell on what happened because when God calls us home and ask why we did something we can't say cause she did this or she did that. That answer will leave u sitting outside the gates of heaven. So today I pray this....if anyone has a problem with a family member release it....tell God it has been removed. Then once you release it, pray for the person and persons that you have the problem with and also ask God to grant you the ability to handle them. But while you are praying for the other party don't forget to ask GOD to change YOU most of all. It is a beautiful thing to see yourself changing. I am changing right now myself. It feels great.


  1. Hello my sister-cousin-friend for what seems like forever. I'm glad that you've started blogging. I will keep reading. This post made me think about the Handy's. They were people I considered family, but I haven't spoken to them since they came to see me in the hospital after Madison passed. The hateful things that were said to me sunk me even lower than I already was. It took a while and a lot of prayer to even let go of the hate I had for them. I'm still not at a point where I can talk to them, but at least I don't hate them anymore.

  2. Hey Maddie's Mom! I am glad u let go of the hate. It would ahve stopped your blessings. Some ppl are at different levels in their lives. They are obviously not where they need to be. Continue to pray for them and yourself, because when the time comes they may need you or you may teach them something about life. Love you always.