Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend Burn Out

I can't believe that the weekend flew by like it did. Maybe it was just me. Robert came home Thursday and we planned what we thought would be two short days of activity and he would be back on the road Saturday. We were wrong. They didn't give him a load over the weekend, so we spent the weekend together also.

First of all let me say that I have found a new found love for Ralph and Kacoos. We went to Shreveport on Friday. We saw Jr. He made my heart melt because Robert was giving him the "you know I love you right speech." Well in the middle of the speech Robert asked Jr did he think that Robert was a good daddy and Jr responded with a quick no. I was floored and I looked at Robert and u could see his heart just break into pieces. Well he remained cool and said well Jr. I understand that you may feel like I don't do what I should. Right when he said that Jr said, "No Daddy its not that. I don't feel like you are a good daddy because you are an awesome daddy." He left me speechless. At that point Robert just hugged him and told him that everything would be okay and that he was going to take care of him. I think I cried harder than the two of them. :) We wanted to take him to eat and shop with us but of course we couldn't.

Next I went to do a little shopping for myself. And NOTE: If your shirt is so small that you have to continue to pull at it.....Do Not...I repeat DO NOT wear it in public...especially to work if you work in a clothing store. After shopping in the Avenue for a while I went to the counter to check out. MISTAKE! The lady behind the counter should have switched places with me and she needed to be buying new clothes, new hair do and new attitude. If you don't like your job, Change IT! My shopping experience would have been great if the ppl that worked in the stores had better attitudes.

After shopping we headed for Ralph and Kacoo's and when we pulled in the parking lot starving half to death we faced our biggest fear....that we would have to wait for a while to eat. The parking lot was slammed full of ppl. We ended up parking under the I-20 overpass. Well we walked in and were seated immediately....a very good sign. We ordered our food and within 5 minutes it was on the table and we were eating. The only bad part about the whole event was there was this little boy that looked exactly like Ester from the movie Orphan staring at me the entire time. He won the staring game....usually if a kid keeps staring at me I stare back until they look off....I know that is wrong but hey u gotta teach them a lesson. LOL. Anyway, after staring at him for so long I was so creeped out til I just dropped my head. They better check that kid. He is not normal. We ate, got full, and then walked slowly to the car. We were so full that we just sat in the car for about 15 minutes trying to get ourselves together. LOL.

It was a very nice trip. Saturday was spent in the bed watching television. Sunday was too but that is due to the major headache I had. So I am starting a new work week and Robert back on the road. I thank God for change and continue to pray for even more change. God is truly wonderful.

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